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Indian Sitar and Tabla Concert

19:00 - 20:30

Am Eisernen Tor 3
8010 Graz



With a royal performing style, Abhirup unfolds himself as a Tabla Virtuoso from Kolkata, India. The descendant of Benaras Gharana is keen on escalating the instrument’s popularity by playing at newer and greater heights.

Abhirup, the only son of Mitali Roy and Swarup Roy has embellished perfecty with the blissful touch of his guru Pt. Kumar Bose, a legendary Tabla wizard of Indian Classical Music. Needless to say that his grandfather, Late Shri Niranjan Roy, a great motivator for “Baul Gaan” is a pioneer of Abhirup’s musical journey.
Thus,the culture of music in the family makes Roy an astounding face in musical aura.

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